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Chalcedony Druzzy Cuff

Chalcedony Druzzy Cuff

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This Chalcedony Druzzy Cuff is a one-of-a-kind piece that's designed to bring positive energy into your life. Handcrafted with a faceted Citrine stone and organic Chalcedony Druzzy Crystal from Turkey, this cuff will make you feel truly special and unique. Unlock the power of the energy within and get ready to feel good!


Sterling Silver
Citrine Faceted Gemstone
Chalcedony Druzzy


Fits small to medium wrist.

Please Note: All my items are handmade and hand-finished from natural and reclaimed materials. Due to this, no two items are the same. All handmade items will have natural beautiful imperfections. The imperfections are what give my jewelry the unique and imperfect appeal.

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