About Me

I design jewelry for women like you who love organic artistic jewelry design, are lovers of one-of-a-kind jewelry, appreciate the uniqueness in each piece, and best of all love it for self-expression to show your own individual style. 

My interest in jewelry came when I was a young girl growing up in Santa Cruz California. I would, as a teenager go down to Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz and shop around at all the little boutiques. I remember noticing that I could never find the exact jewelry to fit my own unique style.

There was a building called the ID building that had a bunch of little shops in it. One of which was the Vault. The Vault was a boutique jewelry store and had some very unique, amazing Jewelry that I would gaze upon and dream about. I found this to be my style, however, pretty expensive for a young teenage girl. My dad bought me two pieces of jewelry from here that I wore constantly in my younger days and still have to this day. 

This was when I discovered that Jewelry tells your own unique story. 

I am a self-taught metalsmith and have studied many online videos and have learned from much experience. Trial and error for sure. My approach to jewelry making is basically I do not have an exact plan but rather an idea that I let morph into a piece once I start. It may be that I start with a ring in mind and go from there, just by picking up a piece of metal and seeing where it takes me. 

My materials are sourced from fair trade as well as I use organic pickles and patinas. My goal is to make my jewelry as organic as possible. 

So I ask you, who are you, and are you ready to wear your own unique style of jewelry to empower your own uniqueness?

Well, then my jewelry is for you!

My wish is when you see a piece of my jewelry you stop in your tracks, fall in love with it and the feeling you get is that you just have to have it!!  Smiles!