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Mission Statement

Hi, My name is Cindy and I am the owner/maker behind ZamaDesignz. 

My first introduction to jewelry making was when I was 7. My next door neighbor, (I remember to be an elderly man and lived with his sisters) went out and dug for crystals. He had a garage full of rocks and crystals he would shape and polished. I loved to look at all these crystals. I was inspired with how organic they were. 


One day he let me pick out a stone that he had cut and shined. He than made a special necklace for me. I still have the stone to this day. I made a cuff out of it! Ever since, I was intrigued with crystals and jewelry making and the energy surrounding them.

I am a self taught metalsmith and still learning along my journey. 

I make small batches as each piece is individually made by me starting from a sheet of metal and hand forming it into something unique. Each piece has its own personality, just like you!


I am on a mission to create jewelry that inspires you to live at your best. Using only natural and organic materials to spark a movement back to earth without compromise.

Purposely I focus on capturing life's imperfections in every piece I make. Knowing that its life's imperfections that make us whole. 


Are you someone that is organic in nature, loves 4 legged friends,  loves the ocean,  and does not need alot but what you have is the best? Then come take a ride with me on my jewelry journey! Your my kind of person. 


My hope is you enjoy my jewelry as much as I enjoy making it!